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Emerging from the inaccessibility to henna artists and lack of art inexperience, Seda Henna was founded with everyone in mind. Developed with inclusivity at its core, we want to ensure everyone has access to henna, irrespective of gender, culture, or skill.

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Sourced from Sojat, a city in Rajasthan that is famously known for its henna leaf farms, our henna leaves are harvested every October, the most pristine time for henna leaf harvesting. After the leaves are picked, they are crushed, ground, and triple-sifted with special machinery to create a high-quality henna powder. Mixed with natural essential oils, our henna cones are created to bring out the most natural dye possible without the use of harsh chemicals.

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Originating from Yemen and South Asia, our founders aim to spread the cultural and artistic significance of henna. Just as henna ceremonies in our culture brought friends and families together - we want to unite individuals and create an inclusive community centered around henna.

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